Potty Concepts: A Simple and Loving Approach to Potty Training


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Rethinking Our Approach to Potty Training

It seems our toddlers are trying to tell us that our potty training methods are not working. They can’t seem to shake the pull-up and they refuse to sit on the potty. Bribing stopped working or it never did to begin with. They are frustrated and everyone is stressed. But, we have to ask ourselves……

  Did We Teach Our Babies Potty Concepts?

We teach our babies how to use a spoon, to read, to talk, and many other thought provoking concepts—but we leave out one of the most important lessons of all— Learning to use the potty. Our babies are capable of learning how to use the potty as much as they are capable of learning to use a spoon. Even more, they are capable of learning Potty Concepts during the first year of their life. This book is meant to bring a different perspective…A Simple and Loving Approach to Potty Training—Potty Teaching.


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